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Where to find the best berry smoothies in Auckland

I think of myself to be a bit of a berry smoothie enthusiast, so I have compiled a list of where to find the best berry smoothies in Auckland that isn’t in your kitchen.

Before we start off the list of the best berry smoothies, first we need to discuss just what makes a berry smoothie the best berry smoothie.

  • The base of the berry smoothie preferably needs to be dairy free (for me at least). Too much liquid or with the addition of ice-cream or milk turns it more into a berry milkshake, whereas a smoothie needs to be a thick consistency.
  • The berry smoothie needs to be made up of more than one berry (there is an exception for one of the smoothies on this list). More than one berry, whether it be mixed berries and acai or macqui berry, the more berries the merrier (and the more berries the berrier) and gives it that traditional berry smoothie colour.
  • Presentation plays a part too. From the colour to the glass it’s served in and maybe even some extra toppings such as coconut or freeze-dried berries.
  • But the biggest thing that makes a berry smoothie the best berry smoothie is the taste. It needs to taste like a berry smoothie and not a milky mess.

And here are the best of the best berry smoothies (in no particular order, this list will be added to as I continue my quest of finding the best berry smoothies)

1. Major Sprout – ‘Strawberries and Cream’


Pictured here in the front in all of its berry glory, is the ‘Strawberries and Cream’ smoothie from Major Sprout.

It is made up of strawberries, coconut cream, dates, bananas and almond milk which makes this smoothie thick, sweet, and delicious with an incredibly creamy texture despite not having any dairy cream in it.

Pictured in the back is the ‘Very Berry’ smoothie, which I have not tried but with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, lemon juice and apple juice, it sounds like something up my alley.

2. Mondays Wholefoods Cafe – ‘Berries and Cream’

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The next smoothie on the list is another berry smoothie with ‘cream’. Crazy how these smoothies don’t actually contain dairy cream but still taste extremely creamy and delicious.

This smoothie is made up of blackberries, strawberries, goji berries, dates, coconut, banana and filtered H2O.

10/10 points for presentation too, this one was nearly dripping over the sides of the glass, with a cute coconut decoration around the rim of the glass and a beautifully marbled smoothie. I somehow always end up having this smoothie on wet days whenever I visit Monday’s, but it is definitely worth it.

3. Bowl and Arrow – ‘Summer bod’


Technically, this one isn’t a drinkable smoothie in a glass but the smoothies at Bowl and Arrow can be ordered into a drinkable smoothie too!

This smoothie is made up of one of my favourite smoothie combinations: beetroot and berry! This one is packed with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, banana and beetroot and topped with a delicious paleo granola and freeze-dried raspberries.

Best thing about this place is its location near a good walking/running area so it makes for a nice refreshing treat.

4. Dear Jerviois – ‘Super Berry’


Look at the colour of this one (and also the one in the back)

This was a perfect companion to this delicious soba noodle salad at Dear Jervois.

This one has blueberries, raspberries, banana, honey, fresh lemon juice, yoghurt, chia seeds and soy milk.

The smoothie in the back is the ‘Raspberry and Beetroot’; beetroot, raspberries, chia seeds, honey, and fresh almond milk, sounds like something I need to try when I go back!

5. Sip Kitchen – ‘Jungle Berry’


Apologies for the slightly dodgy photo of this one, photo doesn’t do it justice clearly!

This smoothie has definitely got a different mix of ingredients compared to the other smoothies which is what makes it so delicious.

Acai and macqui berry powder, mixed berries, avocado, cashews, coconut water and banana makes one super tasty jungle berry smoothie.

I love avocado in smoothies (and on toast), it gives such a lovely texture to it.

And on that note about avocados, ‘avo’ nice day everyone!

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