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Venice Inspiration

Venice took me by surprise. I was expecting busy narrow streets and smelly water but I was pleasantly surprised as you are soon to see. Let this post bring you some Venice inspiration.

Each and every little nook and cranny in the wonderful place of Venice had something exciting to discover and see. It might be a secret pasta shop or a view of a little canal, Venice is full of life and wonder.

We came in via a boat from the mainland and this was the view we were greeted with when we started to approach the Venice we are all familiar with. Beautiful buildings, tourists lining the many boats, and the Venetian sun beating down on your face. It was truly going to be a fun day of exploring (and sweating).

The Bridge of Sighs

The many canals and bridges of Venice serve as a perfect Instagram backdrop, but the one you’ll want to beat the crowd to is the Bridge of Sighs.

After beating the crowds for a photo of the bridge, we then made our way for a walking tour of Venice. There are many walkways, bridges, nooks and cranny’s to explore in Venice and it’s easy to get lost (but that can be a good thing!) so I advise taking a tour if you can.

Time to eat:

Of course all this walking can make you very hungry and hot, luckily there are gelato places on every corner basically anywhere in Italy. Suso is must visit, with charcoal cones and vegan options, it’s a perfect pick me up on a hot day.

Or if you feel like diving into some pasta, there are some great pasta places around such as Dal Moro’s, where you can pick and choose your pasta, sauce and toppings.

Just be careful when eating take out meals in Venice or Italy, it is not really the right thing to do so don’t eat from a takeaway box in a crowded place.

For a different view:

Now, you can’t go to Venice without a ride in a gondola. It’s just the typical touristy thing to do right? You get a different view of Venice by boat, you totally escape the crowded walkways and into the quiet waterways. Tourists will like to wave out to you as you then become the subject of their Venice Insta shot.

St Mark’s Campanile
A different view of Venice from St Mark’s Campanile

For another and totally unexpected view of Venice, why not take a trip up (in an elevator thankfully) St Mark’s Campanile. This bell tower greets you when you arrive into Venice. You get an amazing 360 degree view of all the red and terracotta lined roofs, and over St. Marks Square.


If you have a bit more time to explore, pop on over to one of the many other islands surrounding Venice, such as Burano. A cute and coloured island where you should match your outfit to a building colour.

So, would you visit Venice? It’s definitely a place I would love to visit again and hopefully get lost in next time.

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