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My top 5 things to do in Prague

Prague is an interesting place, filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things to explore. Having spent a short and sweet amount of time there, I’ve created a list of 5 things to do and see in Prague.

Yes, they’re all pretty touristy but worth a visit as there seems to be something for everyone to enjoy.

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1. Visit the John Lennon Wall

We were staying pretty close by to Old Town Prague so we decided to take a walk first over to the John Lennon Wall. The wall is a dedication to the music great following his assassination. It has been adorned with colourful graffiti, words, pictures and other things as it’s constantly growing new ideas.

It makes for a great photography backdrop as well as just an interesting place to read and view pieces of art, words of wisdom, poems and just general oddities.


Just some of the many words and colours that adorn the John Lennon wall in Prague.

2. Visit Old Town Prague

After visiting the wall, we quickly realised we were pretty close to Old Town Prague and the main square we had been in the night before. Walking is also such a great way to view a city as you see a lot more than what you would in public transport (and also a great way to fit a bit of fitness into your day).

Old Town Prague was were we spent the majority of our time so I would definitely recommend checking out Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square) by the Astronomical Clock (which was unfortunately under construction). There was a lot of life and action in the square and you’re surrounded by beautiful old buildings, what’s not to love about that?

You can make your way through the many streets and alleyways that veer off it and uncover all sorts of things like museums dedicated to medieval torture and sex machines (I highly recommend you visit at least one ‘bizarre’ museum on your travels!)


Old Town Prague


3. Walk across the Charles Bridge

Walk from one scenic part of town to the other across the Charles Bridge, it is a historic bridge that crosses the River Vltava in Prague. Take your time walking across as not only are there quite a lot of crowds but also keep an eye out for the stalls dotted along the edge of the bridge. And of course you’ll want to look out at the scenery too!



Walking across the Charles Bridge.

4. Try some local cuisine

Like always when travelling, it pays to try some of the local cuisine. Lucky for you if you’re visiting Prague, one of their specialty cuisines is the delicious and sweet Trdelník. Think of a soft dough that is then rolled around on a spit stick, grilled and then coated with sugar – ending up basically like a donut cone. And lucky for you again, there are heaps of stores dotted around Prague that sells these – which one is the best you ask? Well I guess that’s for you to decide since there are so many. Just look out for giant statues of Trdelník’s on the side of buildings, that will let you know where you can find one to buy.

You can choose a traditional plain flavour with a sugar-coating, ones filled with nutella like chocolate sauce, others filled with ice-creams or even black charcoal ones. A seriously gram worthy food for your Instagram!

IMG_3629 (1)

A Trdelník filled with chocolate sauce and coated with sugar and crushed nuts.

5. Visit the Prague Castle

Saved this one for last as it’s definitely a must, visit the Prague Castle. Situated up on a hill with an incredible view over Prague, this historical castle was definitely a highlight for me. While it may not look like your typical Disney castle, it was still well worth visiting.

Take a walk through the grounds over to the Cathedral on the grounds, St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s the largest and most important in Prague, with stunning Gothic architecture.


St. Vitus Cathedral


The view over Prague from the lookout at the Castle.

The lookout out the back of the Castle is the real winner, perch yourself up on the brick wall for a Insta worthy backdrop or to capture the beauty of all the red lined rooftops below.


If you were to visit Prague in one day, what do you think you would Czech out (see what I did there) first?

Let me know in the comments below!

– Dana

Slice of Dana



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