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Salted Caramel Cookie Balls

Bliss balls are such an easy snack to make and have on hand, they seem to taste great no matter what you put in them. These ones are like eating salted caramel cookie dough.

I was looking for a new snack idea as cookies being one of my favourite things to make. I then thought, why not make an edible cookie dough and make it into tasty bliss balls.

Salted caramel cookie dough balls

Salted caramel cookie dough is heaven, salted caramel in general is heaven. These are a great little snack to have on hand and you can easily change up the flavours. These ones are easy to make and require no food processors, just one large bowl and you are good to go. How easy is that? 

I made mine using a salted macadamia nut butter and salted caramel protein powder. However feel free to use any other nut butter. Smooth peanut butter and salted caramel protein powder is my go to flavour!

I’ve made this caramel slice using the salted macadamia nut butter too, it’s such a different flavour compared to peanut butter. Anything sweet with the word salted in front of it is my kind of thing!

I made these with salted caramel protein powder to give it a protein hit, peanut butter or vanilla protein powder would easily work too. 

Also, feel free to add more chocolate chips into the recipe. I never follow the rules when it comes to chocolate chips in recipes, the more the better I always say! 

As always, feel free to follow me on Instagram to check out what I’m making next. Who knows there could be more cookie dough flavoured things to come!

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