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Date Free Caramel Slice

One of my favourite slices of all time would have to be a chocolate caramel slice. While there are heaps of different recipes out there, a lot of them often involve dates or food processors, this recipe uses neither! This caramel slice is vegan friendly too which is a bonus for us dairy free folks!


While there is nothing wrong with using dates as a caramel, sometimes it’s nice to not have so many dates in a recipe as it can be a bit overly sweet sometimes!

This is a super easy recipe to make, with a baked base, a creamy caramel filling and a delicious chocolate topping. This recipe isn’t overly sweet which I personally kind of like, thanks to the tahini which adds a nice touch and slightly nutty undertone. The caramel is quite versatile, I’ve used salted macadamia nut butter to make mine but smooth peanut butter or almond butter would work fine, but you might need to adjust the sweetness:

In order to make the caramel more sweeter, simply add some more sweetener of choice and vanilla essence.

To make the caramel less sweet, add more nut butter or tahini.

I’ve used this salted macadamia butter in these cookie dough balls before, but like I said any smooth nut butter would work (just not chocolate, as that would be a bit weird!) But hey, that gives me an idea for a slice…

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