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Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies

You’ll want to be stealing all of these cookies out of the cookie jar! Soft pillowy chocolate cookies, yes please! Oh did I mention this recipe is for gluten free,  vegan, dairy free chocolate cookies?

Cookies are without a doubt one of my favourite things to bake, super simple yet so so delicious. Even better when they are dairy free. I love experimenting with new flavours or new ingredients to add to them.  Flavoured nut butters work wonderfully in baking. You get both the nuttiness and also the extra goodness of whatever flavoured option you are using. Sort of like that salty/sweet combination that just works so well in baking. 

Made with chocolate almond butter, these are like eating a pudding in the form of a cookie, they aren’t overly sweet which means you can easily eat more than one. I know I have been.

Dairy free chocolate cookies with chocolate chips

I’ve made this brownie with chocolate almond butter before but decided to make cookies this time round, what a good decision that was. Cookies are super easy to make and seem to taste great no matter what flavour you choose. Definitely going to make a few more yummy cookie recipes for this website so keep an eye out. 

But back to these cookies, as always, they didn’t last long, my household sure does love dairy free chocolate cookies. What flavour should I make next? 

Be sure to check out the recipe below as well as keep up with my Instagram account to see what else I’m making!

Enjoy and happy baking

Slice of Dana



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