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Chocolate Almond Butter Brownie

Calling all my chocolate brownie lovers, this one is for you! Super simple to make and of course it tastes delicious! This chocolate brownie is made with the goodness of chocolate almond butter!

I’m a big fan of chocolate brownies, I mean who isn’t! This one is fluffy with melted bits of chocolate scattered through it. This features one of my favourite ingredients to cook with which is almond meal or almond flour. I feel like it adds such a nice texture to things and is so versatile.


Like I said before, one of the main ingredients in this brownie is chocolate almond butter, it’s amazing what things you can make with nut butter! Brownies, sauces, bliss balls, additions in smoothies, the possibilities are endless! But feel free to use any chocolate based nut butter you have and can get access to. Next time I might even swirl some peanut butter on top!

This turned out super delicious as you can see in the photo, and of course it didn’t last long so that should tell you something clearly! 

I’m definetly a chocolate brownie fan compared to blondies, I just really love chocolate (can’t you tell?!)

I’ve made these cookies with chocolate almond butter too, so it’s a great nut butter to get creative with.

Remember to check out my Instagram here and tag me in any recipes you make! I’d love to see your creations.

Please note I was gifted the almond butter in exchange for social media content.
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